Give Your Customers What They Expect: Free Wi-Fi
Make it smart: Personalize your free Wi-Fi, get to know your customers better, and offer marketing promotions

Just Plug It In And Attract More Customers!

FogSpot does not require configuration. Just connect it to your Internet connection and start offering free Wi-Fi to your customers.

Use Fog Mobile App to customize your free Wi-Fi and design your business strategies in real time using your smartphone.

A Smart Solution for Free Wi-Fi

Customize It for Your Brand

Brand your welcome page, decide how long your customers can use free Wi-Fi (if desired) and select the login options.

Learn More About Your Customers

Discover who your customers are, analyze their loyalty and engagement, and track their Wi-Fi usage.

Build Your Marketing List

Use your free Wi-Fi to easily create the perfect customer database for your marketing campaigns.

Drive the Path to Purchase

Offer specials and coupons to your customers while they are on-site or through emails.

  • Cloud4Wi - Fogspot
    Get Customers Online In A Few Seconds
    Customers can connect quickly through one-click access. They can start browsing in a few seconds using their social network accounts or by providing their email address, name, and age. Once they are connected, they can check out the latest specials and coupons on your branded welcome page.
  • Cloud4Wi - Fogspot
    Grow Your Business Through Free Wi-Fi
    Track the number of first time and repeat customers and how long they stay at your location, see how many customers use free Wi-Fi and for how long, and discover who they are. Collect names and email addresses. Offer specials and coupons while your customers are on-site and create effective email marketing campaigns easily, using only FogSpot Mobile App on your smartphone.

FogSpot Brings Benefits

Provide one-click access

Drive more traffic to your location

Improve customer loyalty

Strengthen brand awareness

Design your business strategies

Enhance your sales performance

Who Is It For?

FogSpot is the right choice for restaurants, coffee shops, stores, salons, fitness centers, and local businesses.

Personalize your customers’ free Wi-Fi, get to know your them better, and offer powerful marketing promotions.

  • Fogspot - Restaurants
  • Cloud4Wi - Coffee Shops
    Coffee Shops
  • Fogspot - Shops
  • Cloud4Wi - Hair Saloons
    Hair Salons
  • Cloud4Wi - Fitness Centers
    Fitness Centers
  • Cloud4Wi - Medical Practices
    Medical Practices

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